Saturday, 29 March 2014

Africa Alive! A perfect Fine-Weather Day out in East Anglia

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We are spoilt for choice here in East Anglia for Zoos and Wildlife Parks. Colchester Zoo is one of the country's top zoos and an excellent day out - rain or shine. Banham Zoo is another excellent day out, and although smaller in scale Shepreth Wildlife Park is another excellent venue with plenty to do.

We opted to visit Africa Alive for a change and were not disappointed.

With tomorrow being Mother's Day, Both Banham and Africa Alive! are offering free entry for Mums, which a full priced Adult ticket.

Africa Alive is definitely best visited on a fine day. The park is lovely to walk around and there is plenty to see and do. There is a nature trail for the children and crazy golf with an adventure playground once you have seen all the animals. younger children can enjoy the sod play centre too, and there is a Discovery Zone also which hosts educational "Hands On Science" sessions.

For such a low key attraction there is a wide range of animals and environments to view, and plenty to keep everyone occupied for a whole day. The cheetahs were amazing, really close and interactive.

Our favourites were the Meercats and Fennec Foxes, but undoubtedly best of all were the Lemurs!!

Inside the Lemur enclosure, the lemurs will actually hop on the shoulders of visitors and come up *really* close.

Dorothy Says..
We LOVE Lemurs - How much do you know about Lemurs?
  1. Which island do Lemurs originate (come) from?
  2. Which film of made Lemurs famous?
  3. What does the name "Lemur" mean?
  4. How many living species (types) of lemurs are there?
  5. Can lemurs hang from their tails like monkeys? (Tails like this are called "prehensile" tails!)
(Answers are below....)

Lemur Facts
  1. Lemurs eat fruit and nuts and some insects
  2. In the wild, sometimes lemurs cannot find enough old so they will hibernate. They are the only kind of primate which hibernates!
  3. Lemurs will only have babies when there is enough food and shelter available.
  4. Lemurs are at risk, up to half of all lemur babies die. This is not due to predators as they only have two - the Fossa and the Harrier Hawk. Man is their biggest threat. they hunt them and destroy their natural habitat. (The area where they live)
  5. Lemurs live to about 18 in the wild if they survive infancy (childhood) but up to 30 years in captivity!
Lastly, did you know that female lemurs are dominant (in charge) in lemur colonies? The males have to do as they are told!!

We hope you enjoyed learning about Lemurs. Maybe you could find some near you to visit?

Answers:- 1. Madagascar 2. same! (Madagascar) 3. "Before Monkeys" 4. about 30 5. No, they can't. 


  1. Aww those Lemurs are so sweet - although I do expect them to start dancing Madagascar style! I love reading about good places to visit If we get a chance to go places when we are on our travels, I would rather go to one that some one has reviewed!

  2. What an informative post! Thanks for the extra ideas for days out in East Anglia. We've done Colchester Zoo (a long time ago now) and always on the look out for other places to go!

  3. We love going to zoo's and wildlife parks. Loving the Lemurs. x

  4. Sounds like a great day out! I love going to Bristol zoo and a few other zoos and wildlife parks nearby which I'd like to go to

  5. Cute lemurs, looks like a good day out. Mich x

  6. I grew up in East Anglia and remember going to both Colchester Zoo and Banham Zoo. I remember Colchester zoo being enormous. I can't wait to take the twins to a zoo, Joseph loved Chester zoo :-) you've got me thinking now of when we can go! x #blogclub

  7. lemurs instantly make me think of the Madagascar movie, i like to move it move it :)


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