Tuesday, 18 March 2014

London Sea Life Aquarium and the Southbank

The London Aquarium is on the Southbank in London - a wonderful place to visit in the summer (in particular) when there are plenty of additional activities for children. The rest of the year there are acrobats and street performers to watch, Clipper boats to travel up and down the Thames and at Easter, an egg hunt at Gabriel's Wharf! There is also a rumour that the Easter Bunny might be visiting...

The Clipper boats are a great way to see London, in particular the large river frontages you rarely get a glimpse of. The "River Roamer" ticket means you can hop on and off all day.

For this trip Dorothy's friends James and George went to the Aquarium before walking across the bridge to catch a Clipper boat eastwards towards Canary Wharf.

Get your mums and Dads to check out the Southbank website for more information!

The London Aquarium is right next to the London Eye, in the County Hall Building (next to McDonald's too...) and hosts one of Europe's largest collections of marine life.

Our favourites were the Rays -

although the most impressive tank by FAR was the large central one with the sharks!

The Aquarium has lots of special events - the Moshi Monsters are visiting THIS WEEK , a friend of mine has just been. You can read her family's experience (and see all the photos!) here.

or there are turtle feeding and shark snorkelling experiences. It seemed quite expensive to begin with, but there are plenty of ways to reduce the price. Tesco Clubcard Vouchers can be exchanged for "Days Out' tickets to visit, there are discounts for OAPs and those accompanying children with disabilities. Or you can purchase a "Gold" or "VIP" ticket, "Combi" tickets to also visit other London attractions etc. There is lots of info for Mums and Dads here.

A great day out - there is always so much to do in London!


  1. so lovely, I would love to have a veg plot for Wilf and I x

  2. We love the Aquarium, there's so much to see my children never get bored.


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