Saturday, 22 March 2014


Dorothy LOVES animals. She currently has lots of animal friends. Pets can be extremely rewarding, and whilst they need a high level of care and attention, give so much love and entertainment back.

You would be surprised how interactive they can be too, even those you might not expect to be! This was filmed by Dorothy's friend when he was 8, his Russian Dwarf hamster (above) enjoyed swinging across the bars of his cage!

We trained our guinea pig to jump back in his carrier when it is time for him to leave his run. It certainly beats trying to chase him on hands and knees for 45 minutes!

Cats are great fun, and are really playful. This is our cat enjoying playing under a dripping tap. Who says cats don't like water??!

Dorothy writes:-

I am SO excited! We are taking on two rescue rabbits in a couple of weeks, called Poppy and Jasmine. Our family used to have two rabbits many years ago, they are so much fun to cuddle and watch - and can be easily trained too. Our rabbits are coming with a large hutch which is situated above an even larger run, so we won't have to buy these items. We still need to prepare for our new friends carefully though!

There is fantastic information on the Pets at Home site but in summary you need the following:-
  • Somewhere to live
  • Somewhere to run about (and tall enough for them to stand on their hind legs without their head touching the top)
  • Rabbit Pellet Food (to avoid selective feeding where your rabbit picks out his favourite bits and leaves the rest!!)
  • Fresh water every day
  • Bowl and water bottle
  • A bottle brush to clean the bottle properly
  • Clean bedding and lots of hay/straw/wood shavings for warmth and absorbency
  • Toys and tunnels
  • A corner "toilet"(Optional but useful!) 

Toilet Training
It is surprisingly easy to toilet train rabbits. Each day put some of their droppings in the designated toilet area - which should have cat litter, wood shavings or paper pellets in for absorbency. It only took a couple of weeks to have ours fully toilet trained last time.

Owning a pet is a BIG responsibility. It can also be quite expensive, larger animals like cats and dogs need vaccinations, neutering (so they don't keep having unwanted babies) and if they are sick they need to see a vet. And all pets need to be loved and appreciated through their whole lives, and it isn't ok to take on an animal - even a hamster - without considering the long term. You also need to consider whether someone is home most of every day as some pets - like dogs, don't appreciate being left alone for long periods. Dogs are fabulous companions but definitely more of a tie and a bigger responsibility. You need to be sure someone in your family have enough time to walk a dog as they need lots of exercise.

Always prepare well, read up on your chosen pet and plan carefully for their arrival.
Then you can look forward to years of furry companionship!


  1. Both my girls keep going on and on about having a pet. I fear we may soon have to give in and get them a couple of guinea pigs now we have a huge garden where we can make a great home for them!

  2. I have two naughty kittens and as they need a lot of attention and care I can't imagine life without them now ;) They're just so adorable and cute!

  3. OMG, that hammy is so cute!! We didn't have pets growing up - we lived in a pub and was never allowed to, but as an adult we've had two cats and I taught the boy from a young age that she needs to be looked after, a played with and fed etc. A very informative post

  4. Love the picture of the hamster so cute .x

  5. Ooh I'm going to remember these rabbit tips. We want, at some point, to get some for the children. We already have chickens and pets outside are going to be easier as we're lucky to have a big garden :-) thank you for sharing x

  6. We always had animals when we were growing up and Baby has 2 dogs (not that she is allowed to interact with them yet) x

  7. I was brought up around dogs. We don't have one and possibly won't because I don't want that added responsibility, but we have a cat which my two toddlers adore!

  8. I think about having a dog some day. Only think :-) For the moment at least.

  9. Pets are so great for children to grow up around aren't they. We currently have a dog but are planning on getting a hamster or a rabbit later on in the year.

  10. So cute. I was brought up with dogs and cats and have two cats now. We did have a rabbit but the kids lost interest so she had to be re-homed sadly

  11. Great post with lots of tips!

  12. so cute, and great tips! we have two fat cats but I quite fancy getting rabbit one day :) x

  13. cute , pets are great for children .x


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