Thursday, 17 April 2014

Dorothy's Easter Link Up!

Dorothy would LOVE to see what everyone else is up to for Easter. Have you checked out the crafts here? With only a couple of days to go, whether your family are religious or not Easter is quite significant. It's the longest Bank Holiday Weekend of the year, unlike Christmas or New Year there are two days holiday and they always straddle a weekend to make a four day holiday. That's why your parents get so excited!

We have been busy making Easter cards this week but the biggest excitement was the arrival of our EASTER BUNNIES!

Monday, 14 April 2014


Do you get excited about new shoes? Dorothy's friends do. Dorothy herself doesn't wear shoes (when was the last time you saw a cat in shoes?!) but just like growing taller, starting a new class - or getting a new lunchbox or pencil case, new shoes are definitely up there with those important "events" that make us happy.

So with the nicer weather, and following a pretty impressive growth spurt, Dorothy's friends got some funky new shoes today! Definitely an important milestone.

What are YOU wearing on your feet this Spring?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Let's go on an Adventure! - Discovering Estuaries

You don't have to journey far to go on an Adventure - very often the best are on your doorstep, and are free to enjoy! That's if you don't start with ice cream.....

But then all explorers need fuel, don't they?

We are really lucky, having the wonderful Woodbridge Estuary on our doorstep. The River Deben starts in Debenham, Suffolk and travels towards the sea passing through Woodbridge before reaching the sea at Felixstowe Ferry.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Easter Crafts

Dorothy has been busy making decorations for our annual Easter Tree. Each year we create a few new decorations and sometimes some homemade Easter Cards as well.

 Image courtesy of Feelart /

We had fun with this year's Usborne Books Easter Crafts nook is "Easter Things to Make and Do" newly revised with new and adapted ideas. 

Dorothy likes being original and decided to do some more adapting with her friends!  

There are so many craft ideas for children online, there is a great "round up" of ideas on BritMums here  where Mums and Dads have come up with plenty to keep kids busy over the holidays.

Or you could make some Easter Egg Bunting like this!

Dorothy's friends love making things, we make models, sew, paint, draw, use computer software and are always looking for new ideas!

Here is this year's Easter Tree - do you have one? 

How much do you know about Easter? Dorothy loves finding out about our traditions and holidays, there are always some surprising facts to discover! Easter is no exception.

Adapted from Image courtesy of jannoon028 /

Most of us know that Easter is when Christians celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. It is THE most important religious festival in the Christian calendar. But what else do you know about Easter? You can find out a lot more here on the "Top Marks" site. They have even more Easter crafts!

How did Easter get its name?

Long before Jesus was born some people in Europe worshipped the Goddess of Spring, who was known as 'Eostre'. These people thought that the sun died in winter and was born again in Spring. They thought the goddess brought the spring and with it the sun would get stronger. Some believe that Easter got its name from her.

When is Easter?

Easter Day is always on a Sunday but the date varies. Many years ago Christians decided that Easter Day should be the Sunday following the first full moon after the first day of Spring, around 21 March.

This means that Easter can be as early as 22 March or as late as 25 April. In fact not only does the date for Easter change each year but it happens on different dates depending on where in the world you live! Western churches such as in the UK, America and Australia use the Gregorian calendar rather than the Julian calendar used in eastern churches. These calendars are named after Roman Catholic Pope's.

Why celebrate with bunnies and eggs?

Easter falls in the Spring and at this time animals tend to have there babies. Since the name "Easter" is thought to come from the name of the Goddess of Spring we use traditional Spring items like baby animals, especially chicks and the eggs they come from to celebrate. The Easter Bunny wasn't mentioned until the 1500s which is 500 years ago!

People celebrate  Easter differently around the world. In Guatemala, people make carpets of sawdust and flowers that measure up to a mile in length. The carpet is incredible details and takes weeks to make. People then walk over the carpet on their way to church!

Eggs first became associated with Easter in Medieval Europe. The Church told people not to eat eggs during Lent xo all eggs laid during the 40 days would be saved and stored. All these eggs would be eaten at Easter!

Eggs symbolise or represent new life and rebirth which is what Spring is all about! The first chocolate eggs appeared in Germany about 200 years ago.

Join our Easter Link Up!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Fun at Mad Science Holiday Club!

Looking for something to do in the school holidays? Prefer a well thought out, timetabled day rather than free play holiday clubs? Do you enjoy learning about the world around you? 

Friday, 4 April 2014

Internet and Gaming Safety

With younger and younger children using Social Media and the Internet, Dorothy thought some sensible advice might come in handy for her readers.

The Internet is a fantastic place, where you can find out almost anything! Unfortunately, the search engines (like Google) don't know how old you are, and when you search on the internet, you might not get back results which are appropriate for you.

Your parents will probably have downloaded some software to keep you safe - it might slow down your online experience but it is worth it. Believe me, there is some unpleasant stuff out there. Just like when you go to a bookshop, you would search in the appropriate section - software like Norton Internet Safety tries to keep you in the right section of the Internet.

Not everything you read on the internet will be true. Just because it is in print, it doesn't mean it has been checked. Look at me - I am writing this to you and you don't even know I am telling the truth! It's really important to CHECK what you read. Books are different, they are sold by companies called publishers who have to check their content carefully.