Sunday, 11 May 2014


Dorothy's best friends are excited about this weekend when they dance with their Dance Academy of at the town theatre in their Annual "Big Show". This year the show is celebrating a hundred years of music with dances from 1914 to the present day. 

They have had several dances to learn for the show which this year is raising money for a local charity which supports children recovering from cancer.

Dorothy's friends have been dancing since they were only two and a half, tap, modern and ballet.

Dancing lessons are a great way to keep fit, supple and have a lot of fun! Shows are wonderful to participate in, most schools have an annual show of some kind and many put their students through exams at regular intervals.  It's great dressing up and pretending to be someone/something else, and using your body to show who or what you are through dance is fun.

What do you wear?
Dancing shoes and clothes can be quite expensive, but you can often pick things up second hand - ask your parents to have a look on eBay! Shoes should not be too big, especially ballet and jazz shoes which should fit snuggly - so don't buy shoes with lots of growing room.

Most ballet dancers wear a leotard, which may or may not have a skirt attached (or separate). There are different ballet schools and each have their own set uniform. Tutus are usually for performances only. Dancers wear their hair away from their face, usually in a bun. 

Where to start
Check out your local area for dancing schools near you -many will have the opportunity to have a "taster" session to see if you like it. 

There is nothing like the satisfaction you get from finishing an End of Year Sow - when all your hard work pays off!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bank Holidays

Dorothy and friends had a lovely day last Monday. It was May Day bank Holiday and they went to Aldeburgh in Suffolk. There is lots to do there, Aldeburgh is not just famous for its fish and chips which were officially voted the best in the country! It boasts a lovely shingle beach, (perfect for eating those fish and chips on) and Dorothy particularly loves the boating pond. The promenade is perfect for scooting (mind those pedestrians!) and there are some lovely shops to keep Mum and Dad happy.

What did YOU get up to on Bank Holiday? Do you have any plans for the next one? And, perhaps you are wondering just what a "Bank Holiday" is?

"Bank Holiday - A day on which british banks are officially closed, kept as a public holiday."

Doesn't really help, does it? I mean, Banks are closed on Sundays too... and after 3pm, and Saturday afternoons. And why is everyone ELSE on holiday then too?

The first official bank holidays were the four days named in the Bank Holidays Act of Parliament of  1871, but today the term is used for public holidays which are not officially bank holidays, for example Good Friday and Christmas Day. These are "Common Law" holidays, which means we have had a holiday on those days for so long they are considered official, but actually no government has ever ruled that they are proper holidays.

The first four Bank Holidays were important dates for people many years ago. They were 1st May (May Day), 1st November (All Saints Day), Good Friday (when Jesus was crucified), and Christmas Day. They were days when people thought it was right that no one should work, make a payment or take payment for anything and everyone should have a rest to think about the religious significance (importance) of the day.

Later additions - New Year's Day and May Day came after 1971. The date of the August bank holiday was changed from the first Monday in August to the last Monday in August, and the Whitsun bank holiday (Whit Monday) was replaced by the Late Spring Bank Holiday, fixed as the last Monday in May. Scotland is slightly different.

(Whitsun is when Christians believe the apostles received the Holy Spirit to enable them to speak in many languages and spread the word of Jesus after his death.)

A Royal Proclamation (like an Act of Parliament but from the King or Queen) is needed each year to confirm the Bank Holidays or change anything.

So there you go! You have several Bank Holidays left this year, the Late Spring Bank Holiday at the start of most people's Half Term Holiday, the August Bank Holiday and the the Christmas Day holiday. What have you got planned?

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