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Fraction Action and Twinkl Subscription Giveaway

Let's face it, most of us start to break out into a cold sweat when we hear the word "Fractions", and once the whole thing goes beyond discussing cake slices most lose all hope.

But fractions don't HAVE to be scary - the main issue is they have an image problem! So Dorothy and friends are going to give Fractions a makeover, and convince you all that actually, they are just super fluffy, cute innocent little numbers which always do as they are told, and once you "own" them they are a sure-fast way to score lots of extra marks!

Fraction Makeover

The word "Fraction" literally means "part of a whole".  So fractions are just smaller parts of a bigger thing. 

Got it?
Great - because THAT is the main part of the topic - not so tricky after all are they?

We all understand about halves and quarters quite quickly... everyone knows what half a cake looks like - or do they?

A half, is ONE out of TWO equal parts. 

And they HAVE to be equal, as this is Maths when everything likes to be nice and tidy, not the sort of "half" your brother cuts when he wants more cake than you.....
And I think there lies the problem, that many of us are still pondering that cake, and forgetting it's Maths. You can draw (or eat!) cakes, or pizzas all day but if you haven't learned that you are counting quantities to get the top and bottom number, you are never really going to "get" factions.

With fractions, the BOTTOM number is always the total number of equal parts. So we could be counting cake slices, sweets, socks, clouds, dogs - you name it, the total goes underneath.

So, saw we have a group of dogs. 

And I ask you a question:-
"What fraction of these dogs are brown?"

The number on the bottom is the number of dogs, as that is what we are counting. 
So the bottom number is NINE or 9

How many are brown? That is the TOP number, the number we want to identify. 
Answer - SEVEN or 7 .

So you have just progressed on from basic halves and quarters and realised that you can do HARD fractions EASILY!!! The answer is....... 7/9 .

Identifying familiar fractions

Now I'm not saying that you don't need to KNOW halves and quarters, you do. And being able to recognise them straight off is essential. But you also really need to understand what those numbers mean.

Notes for parents 
Twinkl resources have some excellent sheets to help you with both these concepts. You can download many of their resources just by signing up, they offer three subscription levels to their users, one is a free membership that allows access to the majority of our resources; the second is a Gold level membership which is their high quality, low cost option at £24.99 a year; and thirdly their Platinum membership which allows access to all our resources and is priced at £39.99 per year

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Recognise halves and quarters...

Then progress on to different fractions...

The next Step

You will see in the picture above that 10 out of 20 squares - 10/20 is the same as a half. 
And 8 out of 8 squares - 8/8 is the same as the whole circle. That's a bit more tricky and best left until you understand about sharing. (Division)

Imagine you have 2 people sharing 20 sweets. How many sweets would each person receive? 

So 20 shared between/by 2 is 10. That is the same as saying half each.

Dorothy's friends like to think of fractions in terms of sweets, rather than cake. They are used to the idea of sharing sweets fairly and realised they are actually using - and understanding - fractions already without having ever written them down.

Cancelling down fractions - for Key Stage 2

This simply means writing the fraction - say 10/20 with the smallest numbers possible, whilst still meaning the same thing. You can see above that 10/20 is the same as 1/2 (or a half) on the picture. We could have got to those low numbers by using our Times Tables. Which is the largest number that divides into both the top and bottom number? (Called the Highest Common Multiple or HCM)

In this case, 10 will go into both 10, and 20. So how many 10s in 10? Answer 1 - so that goes on the top.
How many 10s in 20? Answer 2 so that goes on the bottom.

Try another.

Write 15/20 in it's "lowest form" (which means using the smallest numbers, but don't change the fraction!)
Can you think of a Times Table where both 15 and 20 appear?
Of course you can! the 5 x table.
How many 5s in 15? Answer 3 - so that goes on the top.
How many 5s in 20? Answer 4, so that goes on the bottom. 
Answer is 3/4 - and if you drew a chocolate bar with 20 squares and coloured in 15 of them you would quickly see this is the case.

Fractions Matter - you don't want your brother to get more sweets than you!
Fractions are not scary - honest, like most Maths they do what they are told, and like being neat and tidy. Oh, and very sweet and cuddly too :)

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